The Concurrent Education Student Association acknowledges that Queen's University

is situated on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory.


Queen's legal aid

Queen's Legal Aid provides free legal advice to students. Law students give advice about subletting, or assigning your lease, and they can present your disputes with your landlord. 

Human rights office

The Office strives to promote human rights and address harassement and discimination. They also assist students, faculty members and the community with educational resources regarding human rights.

University rector 

The University Rector is one of the most unique student positions in all of Canada. Established in 1912, the Rector represents all students on the Board of Trustees. The Rector can provide advice and guidance to students as well. They also place a ceremonial role at convocations and other formal events. If you ever need support from a student-perspective, the Rector is a great resource. Alex da Silva is the current rector and is ALSO a fellow Con-Ed student.


The University Ombudsman provides independent, impartial and confidential advice. This may include facilitating the informal resolution of concerns and complaints in support of University policies and procedures and in accordance with best practices in organizational conflict management.

grievance centre

Student volunteers answer any questions or concerns about academic grievances, discipline, or regulations. The volunteers are knowledgeable about the academic policies of the university and can be a resource and support if you have a problem or simply need someone to listen.