The Concurrent Education Student Association acknowledges that Queen's University

is situated on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory.


Executive Team

Jathorsan Lingarjan

Vice President External

Julia Andersen


Makenzi Mellon

Vice President Internal


President Umbrella

Julia Bukala

Representative to the AMS

Alex Lauzon


Alexander Kotsopoulos


Madison Berrisford

Head Teach

Julia Andersen

Logistics Teach

Jacob Pittini

Social Teach

Emily Coulas

Academics Teach

Sarah Bentley

Equity Affairs Commissioner

Joshua Maligaya

Financial Teach

Ruth Bryce


Alex Hemmerich

Academic Affairs Commissioner

Jaebets Joseph

Equity Outreach Commissioner

Jina Dossa

Sustainability Commissioner

Michelle Khanna

Council Clerk

Nate Malhis

First Year Council Clerk


Natalee Veisi 

First Year Intern to the Exec Admin

Kaitlyn Heasman

First Year Intern to the President

Michael Kwon

First Year Rep to the AMS

External Umbrella

Samantha Mahoney

Events Director

Nicole Li and Katie Thom

Community Affairs Coordinators

Emily Teves and Kate Rochon

Social Affairs Coordinators

Jenna Hamelinck and Brooke Moretti

Workshop Coordinators

Nicole Emmerton and Meganne Noordam

Alumni & Outreach Coordinators

Sandie Tran

QCE Chair

Emily Canie

QCE Director of Finance

Emma Hamilton

QCE Director of Sponsorship

Julia Tees

QCE Director of Logistics


Madeline da Silva

QCE Director of Marketing

Jessica Chu

QCE Director of Special Events

Joshua Marasigan

First Year Intern to the VP External

Internal Umbrella

Esther Eisen

Marketing and Design Director

Hannah Bryon and Victoria Jonasson

BISC Representative's 

Liam Carey

IT Administrator

Allison Kielbasa and Jack Martindale

Photography Coordinators

Emily Whitehouse and Nolan Armstrong

Videography Coordinators

Natalie Saba

Merchandise Coordinator


First Year Athletic Coordinators

Carolyn Scott and Matthew Astill

Athletic Coordinators

Hanna Slowikowska and Avery Desrosiers

First Year Representatives

Brendan Lerant and Grace Vidad

Second Year Representatives

Karina Le Chatton and Katie Mulvihill

Third Year Representatives

Amanda Proulx and Saorise Kilkenny-Beattie

Fourth Year Representatives

Olivia Obansawin

First Year Intern to the VP Internal

Christine Ahn

First Year Intern to the Marketing and Design Director

Impartial Members

Jazz Graham

Executive Administrator